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Over the years Generic Imaging has provide both turnkey and complimentary development services to a variety of companies from a diversity areas (Medical, Military ,Semiconductors ,Inspection) . Those various projects provide our developers a wide view on complex problems solutions.
Among our company services is:
  • Consulting.
  • Complementary R&D services.
  • Algorithm and SW Optimization.
  • HW and Optics Design.
  • Off the shelf solutions, technologies and products.
  • Risk identification.
  • Algorithm and Software Programmers Outsourcing.

  • Model of Work
    in our relationship with clients over time, we have shown a proven ability to adapt to clients changing needs. as companies grow, requirements change. We have demonstrated that we can change along with them and can respond quickly to evolving business demands.
    Among our work models:
  • Feasibility Study.
  • Turn-Key Projects from the idea to the product, include Algorithms validation and a close support in the FDA, ISO... submission.
  • Complimentary projects complementary solution to specific problems in the Customer product.
  • Hourly Projects increasing your company development power on an hourly basis in The peak of your project for short terms.
  • Developers and researchers outsourcing
  • .
    All of these activities can take place at the Generic Imaging facilities as well as in the customer facilities.
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