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  • Image and Signal Processing: Scene Analysis, Segmentation, Image Alignment and Registration, Image Stitching, Image Correction, Shape Recognition, Image Enhancement, Fusion, Navigation and Tracking Technologies and more.
  • Software: C/ C++/ C#/ .NET, GP/GPU, JAVA, Multithreading, Multiprocessing, DirectShow, DirectSound, Open GL, IPP Library, Embedded Systems, DICOM, HL7.
  • Board Design: Developing advanced (analog and digital) HW modules of the product.
    • Design with micro-power micro-controllers (PIC) and FPGA for interfacing with miniature intra-body physical, chemical and mechanical sensors
    • Analog and Digital Board Design, PCI Interface, FPGA design
  • Optics: Omni directional optics, Optical intelligence-gathering systems.
  • Sensors: CMOS and CCD Cameras.
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